The Outlier Project is a unique membership community for professional development (personal development IS professional development) and is for anyone who believes success is found by showing up differently.  We are fond of saying, “anyone can be ordinary”.  A special focus of The Outlier Project is to develop leaders who believe that companies and individuals alike succeed or fail based on the quality of the teams they build and the relationships they invest in.  We call this having a “People Over Everything” mindset. 

Our community is designed to:

    • Mobilize expertise from the best minds in corporations, the military and professional sports

    • Give back

    • Be a catalyst for ideas and action

    • Support professional development through thought-provoking unique content

    • Facilitate the sharing of best practices

    • Be an inviting place for making life-changing connections

    • Serve as a trusted private community where members can openly discuss critical business issues

    • Make personal development and connecting fun

Our members:

Our membership is diverse with a heavy emphasis on leaders but is not restricted to people in leadership.  The common denominator is people who believe that “anyone can be ordinary” and that the key to becoming an outlier is to surround yourself with people who have the courage to show up differently.

Our community is designed to support professional development, facilitate the sharing of best practices and serve as a trusted private community where members can openly discuss critical business issues. 

Our membership includes leaders from some of the greatest organizations in the world including:

Want to expense it? Here is our example letter to send to your boss or CFO:

I’d like to join The Outlier Project which is a unique private professional development group for leaders and I was hoping that I could expense it. It’s only $480/yr. and it’s cancellable at any time. There are members from organizations such as Nike, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, McKinsey, Coca-Cola, Drift, Uber, VaynerMedia, Navy SEALs, New York Yankees, NASA, Apple, and Goldman Sachs.
It’s a resource that would really help me level up and help us with building stronger teams and for $40/mo I thought it would be a no-brainer, but wanted to get your ok first.

Executive Member:

Members pay $40/month or $480/year

Your annual dues are set at the price you signed up with forever! 

What you get:

  • Full access to 12 live and interactive “Author Spotlight” events
  • Full access to weekly live and interactive 24 “Legend Series” events
  • Full access to 4 “TOP Lounge” events
  • Full access to weekly live and interactive “TOP Talk” with Scott MacGregor, Founder & CEO
  • Full access to the Knowledge Center-all archived recordings of past “Legends Series” & “Author Spotlight” events.
  • Invitation to special events including in-person meetups & annual retreat
  • Monthly Community Challenge
  • Use of The Outlier Project logo for LinkedIn etc.
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Welcome package
  • No risk, you can cancel your renewal at any time